Anjali Mudra (praṇāmāsana)

This week, I began each of my classes in Anjali Mudra. This traditional hand gesture, where palms touch in prayer, is a symbolic offering of gratitude or another gift to oneself or to others. I asked my class to think of a meaningful gift that they desire and to offer themselves this gift each time they put their hands together in prayer. By leaving a slight open space between the palms in this gesture they could more easily envision holding that precious gift between their hands and offering it to themselves throughout their postures during their day’s yoga practice.

Anjali Mudra is typically held at heart center, which allows the practitioner to connect with their heart energy. However, it can also be performed elsewhere, such as with the thumbs resting between the eyebrows or “the third eye”. In this position, I find my mental energy to be more focused and aware during my practice.

I recommend anyone to perform the Anjali Mudra gesture during their yoga practice, in addition to while sitting quietly for at least five minutes a day. It will bring heightened awareness to postures and meditation. Further, it will allow the practitioner to better connect the physical body and the spiritual body with one another.

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