Yin Yoga

Yin yoga has been one of the most challenging styles of yoga that I have encountered. Although its primarily a seated, often considered passive practice, it is by no means easy. This style of yoga requires the practitioner to hold postures for 5 to 20 minutes, which lends to a very intimate, meditative practice with the self. It is by holding stretching postures for extended periods that the practitioner begins to work the connective tissues in the body, which, in turn, allows an increase in blood flow to those areas. This increase in blood flow to the tissues can have an energizing effect on the body.

Yin yoga has complimented my personal yoga practice significantly. The deep stretching has brought a sense of renewal and vigor to my body, which has advanced my overall practice. So slow down, breathe, and enjoy the beautiful benefits that Yin yoga can bring to your life.

There is a great article about Yin yoga that I recently discovered on Yoga Journal. You can find the link to the article here.