Third Eye Chakra

Recently, I’ve been studying more about the seven chakras.  Each of the chakras is believed to affiliate with a specific aspect of your life.  The chakra that I find to be one of the most interesting is the Third Eye Chakra, which is believe to be affiliated with your intuition and to link to your higher conscious.

Our two eyes from which we see only permit us to view the world through our own perceptions, beliefs, cultural influences and environments; however, the Third Eye chakra, which is located between the eyebrows, is believed to be so special because it is not affected by such limiting perspectives.  By opening your Third Eye, it is thought that you become more intuitive and connected with the universe.  Pretty interesting stuff.

I have been studying some yoga poses to help stimulate this Chakra and the one I personally like best is standing Mountain Pose with hands in Anjali Mudra (prayer position) resting between the eyebrows, thumbs gently pressing against the Third Eye.  Some of my students enjoy stimulating this chakra while in Child’s pose where the forehead is resting against the ground.  This is more of a resting and grounding posture.  To stimulate the Third Eye while in this posture, gently rock the forehead against the ground from side to side.  Stay in whichever position you choose long enough to relax you and to get your intuitive senses flowing.  =)