How Yoga Can Benefit Climbers

I am pretty new to climbing and since starting I have grown to love it. Like yoga, it’s an incredible upper and lower body workout. However, I have to say that I am grateful that I started practicing yoga before I began climbing because the tools I have learned in yoga have made learning how to climb much easier. Yoga really helps to improve your core strength, flexibility, stability and breathing. These are tools that climbers can really benefit from. Of course, other forms of exercise can help you develop many of these tools, as well, however, yoga helps you to develop them in a gentler way…one in which you don’t bulk up and stay lean, which is required for climbing. I have noticed that practicing such simple yoga poses before I climb like forward folds, hand to big toe pose, pigeon pose, and simple inversions help to warm me up and allow me to be more dynamic when climbing. There are so many different articles online about how yoga benefits climbing, including different sequences to practice. If you are a yogi interested in climbing, it’s worth looking into.