The Yoga Wheel

I love yoga props. From blocks to straps to blankets, I love them all.  These props are heavily used in certain yoga styles, such as Restorative and Yin, but one of my favorite new props being incorporated into many different yoga practices is the Yoga Wheel.  They are really fun to use and are super helpful in trying new, more challenging poses. Also they are really great in helping to achieve a deeper stretch. I love to use the Wheel to stretch out my back, legs and sides. I also have started to use it in assisting me with new inversions that I don’t quite have the strength yet to hold. The Wheel has helped me to feel out those positions and has also allowed me to gain more strength so that eventually I can do the poses without it. At least, that is the goal. Another beneficial thing I’ve noticed about the Wheel is that you can grab it better than you can a yoga block (because of the hole in the center) in certain leg stretches and as an assistant in inversions. It’s a fun product to try and they are pretty reasonably priced. I found mine on Amazon for a pretty great deal and it’s been a worthwhile investment.  It’s definitely fun to change it up and diversify the yoga routine.