L-Shape Handstand

In my previous post, I forgot to mention that a good preparatory pose for the freestanding yoga handstand is the L-shaped Handstand. This pose helps to strengthen your arms and core, but I think that its primary benefit is helping to give you the confidence to kick up into a freestanding handstand. This is a pose to work into and to only begin practicing if you are physically capable. If you are new to this pose and unsure about your stability, make sure someone is there to spot you and you have soft surfaces around you for support in case you fall out of the pose.  One way to get into this pose is starting in a Downward Facing Dog position with your heels against the wall. Slowly raise your hips and bring the soles of your feet high enough against the wall so that they are the height of your hips, creating an L-shape with your body. If you feel comfortable and safe doing so, you can gently lift one leg up to practice freestanding handstand. Here is a L-shape handstand tutorial that I found that may be helpful to review https://www.doyouyoga.com/how-to-do-l-shaped-handstand/