Misha Jo Naturals

This past spring, I started my own skincare company where I make USDA Organic bath and body products.  I have been wanting to start this business for quite some time and I’m so happy that it finally came to fruition.  I am an attorney by profession, but I’ve always made my own natural products as a hobby.  Like teaching yoga, making products has brought me a lot of peace and happiness.  It has been a nice balance with practicing law as that can get quite stressful.

I have a website and sell my products online.  I have one product out at the moment and another coming out next month.  I have put a lot of thought and care into formulating my recipes and ensuring that the end result is a product that is nourishing and loving to your skin.  To check out my website and to learn more about my products and company, visit http://www.MishaJoNaturals.com.  I also have an Etsy store so be sure to check it out if you are on Etsy!