Yoga + Running

Yoga can have a significant impact on your running style and your longevity as a runner.   I have been running consistently for a LONG time and it was actually through a running injury that I found yoga.  Since practicing yoga for about ten years now, I have seen exactly how a regular yoga practice can improve your running technique.  Specifically, in yoga, we focus on proper breathing techniques, improved balancing skills, and flexibility.  While running, effective breathing skills lend added endurance to your run, refined balancing techniques can help while running in weather and on long trail runs where the running surface is not as smooth, and added flexibility can help prevent injury to limbs that would otherwise be tight without regular stretching.  Plus, one of the things that I love about maintaining a regular running routine and yoga practice is that after a long run, it feels really good to stretch those worked muscles.  Yin yoga has actually become my favorite go-to style of yoga to practice after running.  Here is a really great article about why runners should start a Yin Yoga practice