Seal Pose

I recently took a Yin Yoga workshop and had the best time.  One of my favorite poses that we discussed and practiced was Seal pose. Seal pose is so beneficial in toning the back and stretching out the abdominal muscles.  Also, it is said to stimulate the kidney meridian, one of our centers of vital energy. Everyone’s skeletal systems are different so some people may be able to go deeper than others in this posture.  It is most important that you listen to your body and ensure that it is safe and feeling good prior to practicing this Yin posture. This pose is to be avoided if you have back, shoulder and/or wrist injuries.

To get into this posture, I like to first start in Sphinx pose.  If your back is feeling good and you want to take it deeper then you can increase this backbend into Seal pose by pushing up on your hands to straighten your arms. Here is an article from Yoga Journal that provides more detailed info about how to get into this yin yoga asana, amongst others.

I have found that one of the best counter poses to practice after coming out of this pose is Child’s Pose.  The gentle curve of the spine in Child’s pose provides a gentle counter stretch to arch of the spine in Seal.



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