Side Crow & it’s Benefits

Side crow or Parsva Bakasana was one of my first more challenging poses to master, after Crow pose, and it has been a favorite ever since.  It has allowed me to develop a lot more strength in my arms and abdominal muscles. It also is known to improve flexibility in the back muscles through the therapeutic twist that it provides.  For many, there is generally going to be a favorite side to practice this pose on.  For me, it’s the left side.  It just feels better doing it on my left side than my right.  I seem to feel the effects of this posture more on my left. As we say in yoga class, one day your right side may feel better than your left and vice versa.  That is totally normal.  So just listen to your body and see what side works best for you when you practice this pose…maybe both sides will feel good.  Try it out and see.  Most importantly, listen to your body and make the yoga pose work for you. Never force your body into a pose that doesn’t feel right. Happy practicing!


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