Kalesvara Mudra

For those who regularly take my yoga classes, you know how much I love to incorporate mudras into class.  Kalesvara Mudra is not a typical mudra that we practice, but it’s one with a lot of sentiment and feeling behind it so it’s good to become familiar with.  Kalesvara Mudra is known to create a soothing experience for our hearts and is also known to bring calmness to our minds.  When your mind is feeling overwhelmed with thoughts, this mudra is a great one to practice.  It, in a sense, assists you in grounding and regaining your inner calm and peace.  I recommend practicing this mudra daily, particularly, if you are feeling anxious or scatter brained.  Otherwise, practicing it at least once a week suffices.  It is just another tool to add to your personal practice allowing you to connect more with your inner stillness and higher self.