Best Poses for Back Agility & and Strength

Yoga is so great for developing back strength.  A strong back is integral to maintaining and gaining strength in other areas of the body, as well.  Certain yoga poses are good for increasing agility and power in the back muscles.  Specifically, cat cow pose, downward facing dog, upward facing dog, and triangle pose.  Each of these poses has its own beautiful attributes worth exploring.  Cat cow is a nice warm up for the spine to do in the mornings…downward facing dog is the best pose to do when you feel like you need to recharge and reenergize your back and body…upward facing dog really helps with gaining greater flexibility and agility to the spine, which is so important to keeping our bodies young and strong…triangle pose provides a nice little twist, which helps to detox the body and back.  My favorite of these poses has to be downward facing dog.  For me, if there is one pose I cannot miss daily it is this one.  I feel such strength through my shoulders, and back when I practice this as I press through my hands against the earth.  It’s a very grounding pose, as well.  Lovely to do in the mornings and evenings.