Scorpion Pose Variation

This is a straight-legged supported variation of Scorpion pose (Vrischikasana).  I haven’t dared do this one without using a wall support. Kudos to those who can do it without. This is a challenging one and it’s easy compared to traditional Scorpion where the legs are bent over the head. Traditional Scorpion is truly a backbend of all backbends.  As for this easier variation, I mainly practice it to open up and stretch out by stomach and chest.  It’s also a great spine strengthener.  Some key alignment cues in this pose that have helped me are to keep your core engaged (it will help protect your back), relax your hips, and stack your shoulders over your wrists while externally rotating your shoulders.  Your arms are the foundation of this pose so keeping them aligned properly will allow you to hold it longer while keeping your arms, wrists and shoulders protected.  For a great article about traditional Scorpion pose, visit