Pigeon Pose for Tight Hips

For tight hips, one of the best poses you can practice is Pigeon Pose.  It stretches the inner thighs, groin, gluteal muscles, and opens up the hip joint.  If you suffer from sciatic pain, this pose really helps to lessen and alleviate it.   Further, if you have lower back pain, regularly practicing this pose is known to diminish the pain and stiffness in that area.  I always recommend this pose for anyone with tight hips.

Aside from the evident benefits of alleviating tight hips through practicing this pose, there are quite a few collateral benefits of this pose.  One of these benefits includes how effective it is as a tension reducer in the body.  People, including myself, tend to carry tension and stress in the hips.  By regularly practicing this pose, the hips become more open, which helps to calm the body and mind.  When you have a calm body and mind, your skin benefits too.  I recently wrote an article for the Journal on my Misha Jo Naturals website about this topic that you can read here.

Happy Practicing! =)