Side Body Stretching

As I have shared before, I love Yin Yoga.  It by far is my favorite style of yoga to practice and to teach because of the amazing benefits that stem from it.  Practicing Yin regularly helps to create space in places that you might not have even known were constricted.

For me, one of those places where I didn’t realize I was feeling tight (until I started practicing Yin) was my side body.  So much of traditional yoga and everyday life, frankly, is limited to forward and backward movements.  Lateral movements are often neglected. I am grateful I was introduced to Yin years ago because through it I found lots of side body stretches that have lengthened and opened areas in my side body that needed movement.

My favorite Yin pose that most deeply taps into my side body is Bananasana.  Here is a great tutorial on how to practice this pose. Also, here is an informative article about the anatomy of side body stretches from Ekhart Yoga.

Happy Practicing =)